the kids of albany

The Capital Region's Finest Rocky Horror Shadow-Cast

In August of 2019 we we lost one of the purest and most original creatures of the night we have ever had the pleasure of knowing and calling our friend, the one and only Chardonnay Latease. There is so much to say about our lovely Chardonnay but no words truly do any justice to just how phenomenal of a person Chardonnay was and there is no way to describe the void left behind that she filled with her unique spirit, snarky comments and laughter. Without a doubt, Chardonnay was pure love, plain and simple. Not to say there wasn't room for plenty of soul, sass, and vivaciousness, but Chardonnay was overflowing with love for everyone. In life, this love is what made Chardonnay the Den-mother for the unwanted, unloved, the broken, and anyone who felt they would've been cast out to the island of misfit toys. Chardonnay had a radar for people feeling this way and knew just what to say,or what not to say, that made people just fall in love with Char and truly feel like they weren't alone in this world that can often seem darker than it really is.

As a member of The KOA, Char brought in with her a much needed new energy that reinvigorated both the cast and our shows. We truly loved Chardonnay and her absence is going to be felt both on and off the stage but one thing we know is that Char would never want us to hang our heads too long as Rocky Horror made Char so damn happy and she just wanted to spread that same joy to as many other people as possible and we assure you all we will not let her down. Chardonnay forever changed The Kids of Albany and we are forever in your debt for your talent and contributions.

And now the long wait begins until we get to laugh and dance with you again. We take small comfort in knowing you will be waiting for all of us on the other side to give us the low down on who's cool and where the good places to party are. Please come visit us every now and then and feel free to hide our props backstage to let us know you've paid a visit. We will do our best to carry on and we promise to never let anyone forget how wild and untamed you were both off and on the stage. So as many of you creatures of the night mourn the passing of the marvelous Chardonnay please remember that there is now going to be someone out there needing that famous Chardonnay hug/pep-talk/shoulder to cry on and with Chardonnay gone she will rely on you to be there in her place for all her lost children still out there just needing to be loved.

We will miss you so much Chardonnay and we promise to keep your legacy alive.

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On the day I went away, goodbye
Was all I had to say, now I
I want to come again and stay,
Smile, and that will mean I may
Cause I’ve seen, blue skies through the tears, in my eyes
And I realize, I’m going home...